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  • Hey! Long time no see. Unfortunately no, it died last year. It struggled the year before that until it just gave up. I grow all my plants in the basement now and just can't keep the lowlanders warm enough in the winter. Same goes for Petiolaris dews. Eventually I'd like to set up a tank. For now though, I'll just have to do without. I sure miss that plant. It had gotten pretty big!
    Not sure where in Ohio you live, but is it pretty close to Pittsburgh? I'm just trying to Assemble a society.
    Dude. I would love to trade for a bical. I have a N. 'red dragon' that will make you very happy.
    I have drosera callistos, Nidiformis, prolifera, capillares, and capensis. I would trade you a few to make up for the size of the nep.
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