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    Terrarium heating ideas?

    I took all your advice into consideration and settled on the water at the bottom of the terrarium idea. My N. glabrata x hamata is making a fast come back and the spectabilis x mira is producing bigger and more colorful pitchers. Would show pics but attachments don't seem to be working. Thanks...
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    Terrarium heating ideas?

    Thanks for the help! The terrarium is located in a basement that is always very cool, it is not near any windows. There are two square LED lights sitting on top. The terrarium is sealed except for a hole 4 inch hole between the two lights for ventilation. Defiantly very humid in there. I have...
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    Terrarium heating ideas?

    Hi everybody! I have a new terrarium that I created for Nepenthes hybrids and Sundews. I started with a few Sundews, N. spectabilis x mira, a Sun Pitcher hybrid, and some sphagnum moss. Everything was growing great, then I got a new N. glabrata x hamata for Christmas and it has put out almost no...
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    Ilikesundews grow list

    I have mostly beginner plants. Hopefully I can update it often! Sarracenia: Purpurea ssp. purpurea Purpurea ssp. venosa Flava var. rugelli Psittacina Rosea "Judith Hindle" ?"Yellow Jacket"? Drosera: Intermedia (temperate) Filiformis ssp. filiformis Spatulata Capensis (typical) Dionaea...
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    For Sale Selling some plants to make room

    How much for an N. Aristolochioides seedling?
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    For Trade $4 extra on gift card/ looking for beginner to intermediate tropical drosera / pygmy

    I have a lot of D. Spatulata seedlings. Most are around 1/2 to a 1/4 of an inch wide.
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    For Trade D. Multifida, N. Ventricosa x Dubia, N. "Mini-Maxima"

    to trade. I also have lots of freshly divided D. Spatulata seedlings.
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    For Trade D. Multifida, N. Ventricosa x Dubia, N. "Mini-Maxima"

    If you have any Mini-Maxima left I would definitely be interested in one. I have a D. Intermedia