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    Give Away Giveaway P. 'Sethos' leaf pullings!

    The numbers picked were 1 and 8, so Jean4 and Mawy_plants will be getting some Sethos in the mail!
  2. JDW

    Give Away Giveaway P. 'Sethos' leaf pullings!

    Hey all, I made a bunch of leaf pullings from my Pinguicula 'Sethos' plants that are starting to sprout. I'll have two boxes each with 4 pullings to give away. I'll send the pullings in small flat rate boxes and will pay for shipping myself. This giveaway is open to all TerraForums members...
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    Ping X sethos

    I've got some rooted cuttings of Pinguicula X sethos for trade. Looking for other pings, terrestrial utricularia, and drosera. ~~John
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    Pawpaw Seeds

    1. Eric 2. theplantman 3. gnathaniel 4. JDW 5. 6. If they're still available.
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    Begonia luxurians seeds giveaway

    1. JDW - interested in luxurians, dregei, venosa. PM sent.
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    Begonia bogneri trade for Nepenthes (1 B. bogneri plant) plus giveaway (2 plants)

    I'm interested, only nep I have for trade are unrooted N. gracilis. But I have lots of other things. PM sent.
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    Tips on flower U. reniformis 'Enfant Terrible'

    I can do that, I'll get it out of the chamber and into natural light. Maybe that'll do the trick.
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    Tips on flower U. reniformis 'Enfant Terrible'

    I have a large Enfant Terrible in an eight inch pot. It's completely colonized the pot since spring '14 and I was hoping it would flower but it hasn't yet. The potting media is a blend of long fiber sphagnum, perlite, and orchid bark. The pot is normally in my grow chamber 6" away from two t5...
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    Hungry D regia

    A mosquito bit me and got full of blood before I found it and smacked it. It didn't squish so I gave it to my regia for a little snack. When I checked on it the next day the leaf was all twisted around that sack of blood like an octopus tentacle. I might be in trouble if this thing gets...
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    Pictures of dogs in exchange for giveaway entry (VFT giveaway)

    Grace taking a bath . . . in my fountain. I'd like to enter for the cross tooth.
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    Drosera indica seed for SASE

    Seeds all gone.
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    Drosera indica seed for SASE

    I have enough seed from my Drosera indica plant for two people. The first two people to reply to this post will get em. D. indica is an annual with long threadlike leaves. My plant is green, it doesn't seem to color up with more light. I can't get a good picture of the plant because it's...