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  • Hello! I did not realize you were on terraforums! I’m the one that just got that aristo seedling in New Jersey. I just wanted to tell you that it just arrived and it’s in great shape and looks to be very well cared for by you.
    Hey Jeremiah
    Seeing you Edwardsiana. I have a few questions.
    In your experience, how does it grow. Is it finicky, or forgiving of mild mistakes? Does it grow extremely slow, or is it vigorous? What temperatures work best for it, etc. Could I grow an eddy if I can grow hamata?
    There is not much info on cultivating edwardsiana as it's only recently become available.
    Hey not a problem, I don't have any right now, I gave it all away or planted it last fall. I should have some again around September.


    Thanks for sending your Drosophyllum pix, they are really cool! Dont you have some seeds by chance? :)
    Im also interested the conditions and the media you use for them!

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