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    thanks guys for all the help! so capslock.. is urs inclosed, like ur lil terrarium thing. also do you guys reccommend anywhere i can get live lfs or lfs? pm me.. dont post it cuz im pretty sure thats against forum rules. But ya thanks guys alot, i am now saving up for my wire shelving and...
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    also would anyone like to post their setup for their nepenthes? as in the indoor ones that are in terrariums either home built or just glass tanks bought
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    yes, isnt perlite that white rock... like lava rock... its really light and bad to breathe in
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    nice so are u trying to say plant in lfs? and have live on top... also is the soil mixture pure lfs? or like other stuff in it like coconut husk or whatever that stuff is
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    Hey i meant to say live LFS or just normal dead lfs... like is there a diff really?
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    :banana2: Thanks, ya I'm really liking the bical look and lowii... i remember lowii is expenisve and high matenence and ya, i also like the ampullarias (SP) and ya so thanks!! would live LFS work better than LFS? also whats ur opinions on peat?
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    Hey All, After a long experimentation with "things" i have come back to CPs :banana2: . I have thrown away all of my old plants a long time ago and my terrarium too. I am looking to go back into Nepenthes strictly with maybe one of some of the others. I am most likely going to build a...
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    IM BACK AFTER .... forever

    i have been to jerramiahs before and that was a while ago idk how to get a hold of him anymore hes never online. can anyone just gimme help on here
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    IM BACK AFTER .... forever

    Hey all, Long time no see. 9 months ago i got out of growing neps because of moving and just new interests and friends, and now i want to get back into it as a side hobby. I live in colorado and in the summer the temperature is great for neps, its the humidity and the winters that i am afraid...
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    Hey guys i have found a new hobby

    I am giving up Cps . But i have found a new hobby in r/c offroad racing. it is awesome but real expensive well i guess this is goodbye
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    Two of my current favorites

     I dont like birds Birds get on my nerves alot   lol jk                           >;-D
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    Thinking about...

    I have a few questions because I am looking into building or buying a greehouse. 1. How much does a 8x10 size range of greenhouse cost (average) 2. What are some good locations to put one ( which direction it should be facing) 3. What kind of shelfing (wood or metal) 4. What device is best for...
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    Looking for Sarrs and

    well if you have an idea on what is good in there pm me
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    Long time no see

    Hi all remember me im still into cps and im still looking for some good hardy plants to put in my newly developed garden in my back yard (pm me if you have an idea) Most of my plants died from being too dry after a two week vacation so i only have neps right now
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    Fungus Gnats

    o and the two generations thingy that should only be about a day or two the way that they are going i have noticed that my neps have been eating a toooon of these things