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Joseph Clemens

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  • Hi Joseph, I have a question about how to handle new plants coming in the mail. I have a ping pirouette that I recieved about 2 wks ago and it's looking horrible. I kept the small lid on thinking to acclimate it to my conditions and added LSM to keep it moist( too moist I think) and the leaves are begining to rot. So I've taken the sphagnum moss out trying to let it dry out a bit. It's still hanging on but my question is, do I leave the lid on and keep it on the dry side or let it stay on the humid side? AND should the plants be treated as being in the dormant mode? This is my newest "problem" and I'm just not sure how to handle it. Any tips on this? I've got a ping Sethos coming soon as well.
    Thank you
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