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    caterpillar eating my d. burmannii

    was able to save my spatulata, fortunately, another caterpillar for my binata
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    D. Binata Advice - Black tips but otherwise acts healthy

    Had the same issue wiht my binata, i put it outside, and the blackening stopped for the most part,
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    Is this a utricularia?

    looks like a fern
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    caterpillar eating my d. burmannii

    My d. burmanni was doing well for a long time, but over a month ago, I noticed it being to become a little bit lose from the substrate. last week, I realised that it was very loose from the pot, I notices it was slanted and the leaves were dying. Today, the plant was de attached from the pot and...
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    Dormant or dying pygmys

    The dorks pink i think is dead, The scorpiodes is producing gemmae so i think it is going to go dormant soon
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    Dormant or dying pygmys

    I got 2 pygmys, drosera scorpiodes and drosera x dorks pink. The drosera x dorks pink is very hairy and I am not sure if it is dormant My drosera scoriodes looked fine earlier this morning, but all the traps are now shriveled. Are they going into dormancy (i am having problems uploading the...