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    Ping Titan?

    What's the tds of your tap water? Carnivorous plants need low mineral water such as rain or distilled or they die, but considering you have had it for so long it must not be too high.
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    Give Away Giveaway P. 'Sethos' leaf pullings!

    1. Jean4 2. ChefDean - much appreciated 3. devkatie 4. FLTropical 5. jaje61 - beautiful plants 6. Pooparella- thanks! 7. Jwhittaker813
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    Yes or no

    Potting soil is different from sphagnum peat moss. Some potting soils are made from other decayed plant matter which increases the nutrients in the soil. Others are made from peat and are ok. You just need to be sure it's 100% sphagnum peat moss.
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    Give Away Young D. adelae plants

    Recieve them today. They are such beautiful plants. Seeing them in person is so awe inspiring. Thank you so much.
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    Give Away Young D. adelae plants

    Thank you. My first win :). Can't wait to grow these.
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    Give Away Young D. adelae plants

    1. Qloxwa2 (thanks) 2. Upper 3. Jean4 4. WeR PlantFood (Thanks) 5. awilson3 (Thank you) 6. jwhittaker813