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    How slow is N. macrophylla?

    This plant is about 50cm across and the pitcher 24cm high. I've had it over 14 years, and it was good sized, maybe 10cm, when I received it from Tony P. So yes, it grows really slowly... Cheers, Paul
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    Heliamphora labels switched?

    Somehow I must have switched the labels on these hybrids created by Butch Tincher. At least I'm 99%certain that's the case. If you see this, Butch, please comment. This one is labeled H. sarraceniodes x folliculata This one is labeled H. sarraceniodes x parva Looking at the nectar spoons...
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    Heliamphora 'patasola'

    Hey Butch, That's a beautiful plant and a nice choice for a cultivar name. Cheers, Paul
  4. villosa 7:5:17.jpg

    villosa 7:5:17.jpg

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    Pitcher of the Month July 2017

    OK, this completes the trio: N. villosa
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    My first potential Heliamphora cultivar, candidates?

    Yes, indeed! Pokie, you have a real beauty on your hands, so to speak...
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    My first potential Heliamphora cultivar, candidates?

    Amazing, Av8tor! Here's another parva x folliculata: I'm going to move it to a brighter spot, but sometimes I like the base green with just some darker pigmented areas.
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    Pitcher of the Month November 2015

    Nepenthes veitchii (m) EP from seed: Cheers, Paul
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    Nepenthes boschiana Pollen Available Soon

    Well, I'm a bit disappointed. My female N. boschiana blooms frequently, so I went out and took a look. Unfortunately, there is only one inflorescence, and it's too far along.???
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    LETs SEE YOUR HAMATA's! (photo thread)

    Thanks for the kind comments. Regarding the "Red Hairy" hamata, I guess a lot of people want to grow this plant because it is pretty rare. Frankly, I think the true Nepenthes hamata is a superior plant. It is much easier to cultivate and , IMHO, more attractive. Also, none of the few I have...
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    Some new pics from here and there.....

    Nice work - I really admire that N. khasiana