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    Looking For (To Buy) Looking for drosera / winter growing sundews

    Hi looking to for sundews for sale interested in drosera tubers as well thanks !
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    Severe damage on sarracenia help

    Hi Guys so my sarracenia has what I believe powdery mildew and is spreading in my plants but also suspect that they might be infected with pests I search and concluded it could be thrips because I seen similar damage and insects that looked yellow could be the yellow thrips in...
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    Nepenthes leaf problems

    has that soil worked for you with other neps?
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    Small terrarium for N. ventricosa x ampullaria

    I sometimes add a little bit of water to help but usually if humidity is provide you will see in the new pitchers before they open they will have liquid in them already
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    Small terrarium for N. ventricosa x ampullaria

    from what I see in my nepenthes in my terrarium is usually a humidity problem my pitchers most of them have some liquid about 1/4 of the pitcher
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    Nepenthes leaf problems

    another thing the soil what is it ?
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    Need seasoned grower's opinion on my flytrap's health

    it will get some type of sunburn that's why get it used to the sunlight little by little to prevent major sun burn. I used to have some venus flytraps under lights but they weren't doing great until I moved them outdoors.
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    Active user giveaway... Meaning, just being here!

    1. SgtSarracenia - this sounds quite interesting WON 2/6/16, but had not logged in the last 24hrs. Turn is over :`-( 2. Nimbulan - This sounds very interesting WON 5/29/17 S. x umlauftiana 3. NotMyRealName - I'm intrigued 4. Chibae.. I will look to see what I have to donate WON 1/15/2016 S...
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    New to cps

    I grow my sundews under lights I have them under a water tray but u could water them any way
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    New to cps

    too me it looks like that plant is scotch dry needs water especially since it has no dew
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    multiple growth points ? on ceph

    hi does my ceph have multiple growth points ? it came with only one but I started seeing that leaves where coming out in different sections not the main growth point ? is it thanks for looking Flickr
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    help butterwort pest ?

    what other media could I use?
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    help butterwort pest ?

    what should I do
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    help butterwort pest ?

    hi so I recently saw that my Mexican butterwort red leaf was becoming uprotted so I check and it lifted up by itself pretty easily but I was shocked I saw worms on the bottom of the leaves and on the roots they look gray worms with black insides help what is this ?