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    Lots of Sarracenia to Trade!

    Hi I would be intrested in the Snowflake Oreo x Royal Ruby x 1 med Night Sky x 1 med Flash x Flava Coppertop x 4 small Are any of these available?
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    my newest pepper seeds

    I just picked up some white habanero seeds. Does anybody have any experience growing these?
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    Sarracenia rhizome trade/giveaway+Darlintonia seed Sa

    Sorry about the last post I was half awake and using my phone for that one. I'm intrested in the S. mitchellina x readii S. Judith hindle (California carnivores) S. Rubra gulfensis S. Luecophylla tarnok (2-3) What types of plants are you interested in? And I don't know if you need any but a...
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    rhode island flower show

    So I had decided yesterday that I'm going to the flower and landscape show since I haven't been for about 8 years now. I'm a landscaper and love going to these kinds of things because on the middle of winter they remind me that spring is coming. Well about 10 minutes ago I was on its website...
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    some mylar equivalent material

    I had purchases a roll of mylar and have to much for myself. The roll is two fewer wide and I can cut it to any length you need. I got it for a pretty good price so I wouldn't be asking for any extravagant trade. Pm me if interested with the square footage you want and what you would trade in...
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    Sarracenia rhizome trade/giveaway+Darlintonia seed Sa

    I'm untreated in the Mitchell's x readii. The gulfensis and a couple tarnooks. What types of plants are you interested in? And I don't know if you need any but a also have a bunch of mylar up for trade
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    question about nepenthes seedlings

    I can't seem to get pics to load here but if you go over to flytrapcare and look in tropical pitcher plants I have a few pics up
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    question about nepenthes seedlings

    Hey everyone‚ So I'm doing my first attempt at growing neps from seed. I sowed N. Ventricosa seeds in the beginning of December and started seeing germination halfway through January. I have been looking online at photos of NEP babies and can't find any that look like what I have. All of...
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    Flower watch, 2013!

    I have a lot of my pics on Facebook. My account is under john kubitschek. I can't post pics on here but you can see them on my Facebook. If you wanna friend request me I will accept it just pm me your name first so I know your from the forum please.
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    Flower watch, 2013!

    I have to take some pics, but I have 7 flower stalks right now. My Galata is like one week away from being open....
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    Winter Storm Nemo

    Hey bio I'm out in south eastern Massachusetts and got slammed here. Attleboro mass where I'm at got 30.5 inches. Being a landscaper and all I had to go out plowing. I was out for 35 hours straight‚ went home for a 6 hour nap and then had to go back out for another 27 hours. It was "fun"‚...
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    When I have problems with insect infestations on my CP's I use an insecticide called Bayer total tree and shrub. It is a systemic insecticide so it kills any insect trying to eat the plant. It lasts in the plant for 12 months but I use two soil drench applications about 4-5 days apart. If you...
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    d. sessifolia

    Hey everybody I'm look for either plants or seeds. If anybody has either let me know what you would wanna trade for them. Thanks
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    question about my ventrata

    thanks creature tom