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  1. lil hokie

    My Birthday Giveaway!

    1. savagegarden - awesome giveaway! 2. Aerogrower-Happy Birthday and good health to you! 3. dozer1028 thanks and happy birthday 4. Hunikejr- Thanks for the offer, Happy Bday 5. Axelrod12 - Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway. 6.Ngantnier, thanks and have a great Bday! 7. Goodkoalie 8...
  2. lil hokie

    pics of my sarracenia

    Love the catesbaei as well!
  3. lil hokie

    Sarracenia from Seed!!

    By golly. There is so much loveliness in this thread.
  4. lil hokie

    Repotting Leah

    I will go with cherry first then grape.
  5. lil hokie

    Getting a little worried about my S. Minor

    You could probably fill up that bowl with some sundews and it would look really nifty (plus they would probably not mind as much).
  6. lil hokie

    Repotting Leah

    That Kool Aid looks tasty. That is exciting about the 40in pitcher!!
  7. lil hokie

    Bog happenings 2014, pic heavy

    I really want a bog now.
  8. lil hokie

    Do your interests shift back and forth between certain genera?

    My favorite goes back and forth between Sarracenia and Dionaea. I only have a few Drosera and I really like the ones I do have. Needless to say all my plants are outdoors and I am really excited about spring.
  9. lil hokie

    Greensboro, NC Meet & Eat!!

    Hello all! While the CCPS is finalizing our main schedule of events our secretary and myself are hoping to add more people to our lunch meet-ups. I know there are quite a few people within reasonable driving distance to Greensboro. We are planning to meet on March 23rd. The time has not been...
  10. lil hokie

    DavidA's plants

    I still have a few plants in them. They really are good ceramic pots. They are glazed inside and out, have a drainage hole, not too pricey. I wish there were more colors but they are quite great. Possibly my favorites.
  11. lil hokie

    Overnight growth...

    I love it before the pitchers pop open!
  12. lil hokie

    DavidA's plants

    Are those the ceramic pots from Home Depot?? I love those pots. For a while my entire collection grew in those pots (until they got too bg and the pots cracked).