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    *PAID*(Lil Stinkpot $35) U. inflata NC47

    Whoops, looks like I forgot something. More than a lifetime supply of U. inflata has arrived safe and sound, and in amazing shape. Much thanks!
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    Having fun with magpies

    how 'bout some updates? The banjo has been put together, tested, and taken apart for improvements. I didn't like the sound of the cheap skin head I put on it, so for now I have a Mylar head on. I need to draw the magpie yet again. I wonder how it'll do on the textured top, it's like a very fine...
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    *PAID* Utricularia nelumbifolia (Lil Stinkpot $55)

    Item received, thanks a billion!
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    General Discussion & Requests

    I'd like to see if anyone has some U. nelumbifolia to offer, P. primuliflora "Rose," or even some more small-ish ant plants. Shipping available to CA, of course.
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    What will come now? Plantwise that is.

    Figs? Or how about Calceolaria? Those are coooool. Good luck recovering.
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    Having fun with magpies

    Awww, thanks guys. :boogie: Yes, I'm going to do the second one. I'll be trying a third version later, using only the felt markers, to see what happens. The banjo is coming along well, also. I have all the bracket holes drilled, and the dowel stick fitted in it's hole. Right now I'm re...
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    Having fun with magpies

    I've been practicing for a project, putting a magpie on the head of my banjo. I traced this guy onto tracing paper and filled them in. The colored one was an idea, and while very pretty, it just doesn't have that banjo vibe I was looking for. The realistic one is best, I think, from far away it...