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    **ALL PAID**Nasc t-shirt

    $10 small tan, thanks!
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    Looking For (trade) Sundew seeds for Proboscidea seeds

    Hello, I am looking to trade Proboscidea parviflora seeds (40-50) for Drosera seeds. Looking for species like D. capensis or D. burmanii or any other easy to grow rosette sundews. Thank you so much, Fernando
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    DJ57's CP farm

    Wow, that is one of the most beautiful pitchers I've ever seen! Good growing! :-)
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    Honzo's Texas Mini-Bog(s)

    Been growing Sarracenia and VFTs since I joined this website in the hot Texas sun, found best location to grow mine is actually at the edge of the patio where they only receive full sun from noon till sunset, being out in the yard in full sun has done a number on them in past years! Its pretty...
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    Grew G. violacea just fine in waterlogged peat/sand/LFS mix! : - )
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    Nimbulan's picture thread

    Everything is looking really good!!! Impressive collection
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    Some new pics from here and there.....

    Good stuff man!!! That rafflesiana is going to be amazing one day.
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    Happy birthday av8tor1 !!!

    Arg, I missed it! Happy birthday Av!!!!! : )
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    appreciation drosera giveaway

    1. That One Guy-thanks :-) 2. birdybrain - great giveaway, thanks for the chance! 3 ps3isawesome - thanks for supporting poor college students 4. charlie - I couldn't see the prolifera in the first picture 5. Shadow - Thanks 6. Jab91 - awesome giveaway! 7.Gs'Cps - so much good drosera! Whoo!! 8...