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    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    Hi to all! I have some question - is it the leaf of humboldtii starts to develop? Thanks for all answers. Sincerely, Oleksii
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    Utricularia dry

    Drying Utricularias Hi! I have one problem - my few plants started to dry out: nephrophylla longifolia and even sandersonii I thought (in case of nephrophylla) that there can be too much light - it quite close to lamp, but not in case of others They always are in water, so it not common...
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    U. nelumbifolia Growing Tips

    Hi again! Yes, purple things are traps. Now it is obvious. How do you think buying of nelumbifolia seeds in e-shop is waste of money or it can be successful? Thanks Sincerely, Oleksii
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    U. nelumbifolia Growing Tips

    When plants become bigger I'll pot them in sphagnum too. Main reason keeping in pure water is my fear of mould — they are still tiny (instead of humboldtii) left - 25 May, right - 7 June There is also some interesting purple things Any idea what it could be?
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    U. nelumbifolia Growing Tips

    Hi! I need advice. I have only few tiny pieces of this plant. So, what can you recommend to do with them? Now they are in jar with water and, I think, have grown a bit. P.S. The jar is between two CFL, it's to light for them? Thanks!