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    Happy birthday Liz!

    Oh wow, I can't believe I didn't see this sooner! :O My birthday was quite lovely, thank you all! :hug:
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    Happy birthday Zu!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!! :hug:
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    Drosera graomogolensis (lizasaur $12)

    Received in perfect condition! Thank you ever so much! :-D
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Phamtastic! :awesome:

    :boogie: I wish the happiest birthday to the guy that's so awesome, a whole new word had to be invented! :awesome: [I am, of course, referring to our beloved amphirion, who is a fountain of knowledge and many talents] I hope that when you wake up tomorrow :lol: you have the best day ever and get...
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    Hello From St Petersburg FL :)

    Highlanders in winter are not a concern if you're growing them inside. We don't even turn on the heating unless it's 40-50 inside, and even then, it doesn't get that cold in the house...it is only slightly cooler than when minimally running the AC in the summer, and the plants only seem to...
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    Hello From St Petersburg FL :)

    Things I have learned: Don't count on rain- depending on how many outside plants you end up with (sarrs, drosera, pings even), you may need to invest in a RO filter or get setup with a water company to deliver a tank of RO water. If you only have a small tray full, then buying a gallon of...
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    Happy Birthday Dexenthes

    Happy birthday Dex, hope all your wishes come true! :-D
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    Happy Birthday Thez-yo!

    :laaa: Happy birthday!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever!!! :hug:
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    Happy Birthday Liz

    :blush: Aww..thank you all :hug: And thank you, Jeremiah! ^-^ I'll keep an eye out and let you know how it arrives! :-D
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    happy birthday lime

    Happy birthday! :-D
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    amphirion's picture thread...

    :laaa: OH! Your photography is breathtaking... and your plants look just wonderful, too!
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    Some of you older folks may know what this is...

    Ohhhh, awesome!! I love it!! Some parts remind me of Owl City, lol... Great find and great job, Dex! Congrats :D
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    Happy birthday doom

    Happy birthday! :-D
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    Happy birthday kyle!!!!

    Happy birthday! :boogie: Cheers to one of the best photographers on the forum! :-D