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    FINALLY some growth out of this N. ventricosa "Porcelain"...

    I recently had a set back with my Nep. It had a 4 inch section that looked dead, when it started putting new shoots out the bottom and new growth on top I decided to try air layering it in that portion. It will be a couple more weeks before I know if it worked but everything looks good so far...
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    Greetings from Sunny Santa Barbara!

    Hello from Ohio!
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    Hello from Beverly Hills Ca.

    Hello from Ohio!
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    Looking For (trade) Drosera rotundifolia or just about anything

    Thanks for replying. I appreciate the offer, I have a typical and albino. I was hoping to get a round leaf variety. Hopefully I will be getting a few seeds soon. Thanks again! Mav
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    Looking For (trade) Drosera rotundifolia or just about anything

    Hi, I got my first carnivorous plants just under 2 years ago and joined this forum. Since then my plants have thrived with the information I have gained lurking around here. I was hoping to expand my very small collection. I was hoping to trade a new grower like myself or a more experienced...
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    Plant of the Month August 2019

    dionaea muscipula typical IMG_30082019_124435_(1080_x_1080_pixel) by Maverick, on Flickr
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    Give Away Young D. capensis plant - seed grown

    I received the d. capensis and it is great! Way bigger then I thought it would. Thanks so much! Mav
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    Give Away Young D. capensis plant - seed grown

    1. charlie -- Thankyou! 2. heffely92-I'm down 3. Camsdad66. Thanks for the opportunity! 4. Mawy_Plants - Many thanks 5. Maverick - I'm new and understand if your not comfortable with me entering. Thanks very much for the opportunity!
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    Hello from Ohio

    Hi! I'm new to carnivorous plants. I found this site after searching Google for more information and there looked like a lot of good stuff here. Although I can use the search function, I'm sure I'll ask a few newb questions so please bare with with me! I'm a little intimidated by some of your...