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    N. 'Bloody Mary' ailments

    Conditions Thanks Odysseus! Well he's using distilled water (type you get from a garage for car batteries, or use in a steam iron) i was using the same with no issues though ive switched from that to rain water now after having a water butt installed. To be honest he was neglecting to water a...
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    N. 'Bloody Mary' ailments

    Thank you! Good morning guys, i apologise im a bit slow on this thread, ive got some more pictures ill upload with this. Can anybody shed any light on what its ailment might be from these? It must be situational as its the same species which is planted in the same medium (original carnivorous...
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    N. 'Bloody Mary' ailments

    Hi, i bought a friend a nepenthes bloody mary (ampullaria x ventricosa i believe) and its been doing fine however hes worried as the last week or two the leaves and pitchers have been going dark brown black. I said not to worry as my otherwise healthy bloody mary is crisping and dying off both...