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  • For those of you that are members of the ICPS you might have read my article regarding propagation of D. capensis utilizing wounding and cytokinin to induce more prolific bud formation. For those of you that are not, if you are interested in reading it shoot me a pm and i'll email it to you.

    Yes please dflock2013@hotmail.com
    I wouldn't discount their size too quickly. I doubt nature takes size into account when the days get shorter and cooler. What kind of growing conditions are they under?

    Yup, graduated in may. Working on my Master's doing research in LEDs. It's pretty awesome stuff.
    Haha, I'd love to see them but I'm 10 hours away at Purdue University. Are they still in bags? The lack of growth may be their response to shorter days and they may be trying to go dormant. Are you going to attempt to forgo dormancy and push them through the winter?
    I never really got to talk to you about how the Sarrs did post-germination. The last I saw of them, they were TINY and still in the cotyledon stage. How has all that stuff come along? I'm very interested to see some of the results.
    tall, there are no dwarf sarracenia as far as i am aware. But I might come up with one in my research project if all goes well :D
    They arrived yesterday and were potted up ASAP.
    I can't wait until they grow.
    Do theses sarracenia grow tall or are they dwarfs??
    I stuck it in some moist 2p in a ziplock in a SE window. That's the best I can do for it right now. it'll definitely get warm. My only concern is the humidity and moisture so I'll keep a close eye on that especially since you salvaged it from an overwatering situation.
    It is a Drosera lanata. Keep it HOT!!! Like 90F days and no lower than 70F nights... It is dormant, and they top watered it too much in the conservatory so it started to rot out, good luck bringing it back.
    Hey dude, thanks for the plant! Could you remind what it was again? Despite our long discussion on it, I forgot.
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