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    Drosera Magnifica Help

    I think you're right. I'll repot this weekend.
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    Drosera Magnifica Help

    The smaller ones are also not completely unfurling. They look about the same as the larger ones to me.
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    Drosera Magnifica Help

    Hello - I received these two D. magnifica several years ago when they were first released by BCP. They grew well for a while, but over the past year or two the leaves stopped completely unfurling and turn black. Lately they've stopped producing dew. Soil is a mix of peat/perlite/sand top...
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    Help with a VFT identification

    There are a few white VFTs listed on cpphotofinder: http://www.cpphotofinder.com/dionaea-green-and-white-12781.html http://www.cpphotofinder.com/dionaea-gj-white-tiger-15962.html http://www.cpphotofinder.com/dionaea-white-2458.html http://www.cpphotofinder.com/dionaea-blanche-hermine-5084.html
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    Give Away Orchidioides Utricularia

    1. emc2 - Do I have 30 posts? Well will see in a few seconds I guess. 2. Muzicfreak08 - I have 28, if that disqualifies me then I guess just skip me, lol. 3. Mikefallen13 - Always wanted to give these a try! 4. mediummessage - Thank you!
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    Mediummessage's pictures

    LOL... just lucky I guess. Thanks! I love the long tendrils. I saw them described somewhere as an "undesirable trait of the species." To each their own, I guess. Good luck with yours.
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    Mediummessage's pictures

    Thanks! I'm not sure about the N. fusca. It didn't come labeled as "flared peristome" so I'm hesitant to say one way or the other. But, it is a fairly young plant and the past 3-4 pitchers have been flared.
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    Mike's Highland Terrarium

    Hm, ok thanks. Guess I have some more research to do!