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    Need pollen for a Nepenthes ventricosa x campanulata 'Menehune' thats in bloom

    2 PM's sent. Thanks for the response everyone. Wow, crossing it with N. (inermis x singalana) would probably be a a cool looking cross.
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    Need pollen for a Nepenthes ventricosa x campanulata 'Menehune' thats in bloom

    I am not particularly picky on hybrids, It really depends on how many people respond with pollen. I understand pollen is something that you only have whats available to work with, and I plan to do what I can with whats available. I plan on trying to pollinate a small set of flowers with...
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    Looking for Utricularia nephrophylla

    I have enough to make a three inch long strand. Mine has never bloomed, so I dont know the color of the flower (white vs pinkish). The leaves look alot like U.tricolor but larger. The plant likes to spread out alot and grow between pots and in the water below my pots more then it likes to grow...
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    Need pollen for a Nepenthes ventricosa x campanulata 'Menehune' thats in bloom

    My Nepenthes ventricosa x campanulata 'Menehune' has started to put up flowers. The flower spike appears to be female. I'm looking for any Nepenthes pollen that might be available right now so that I can try and pollinate the flowers. Flower spike- <a...
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    Looking for Pings

    Hello, you can take a look at my growlist as well, i have copies ready or trade of many of my pinguicula, and i can take leaf pullings as well!
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    Wanted: Nepenthes Pollen

    Hello I have pollen from an alata 'red' sourced from California State University Fullerton if your interested.
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    Nepenthes alata pollen trade.

    Hello, I have some fresh Nepenthes alata pollen collected on Friday, May 20th from the California State University Los Angeles greenhouse. The plant was donated from Cal State Fullerton some time ago, and is marked as alata 'red' with the year 1977. I am interested in trading pollen for some...
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    Hello, I received my package today in the mail, thank you! Everything made it over in perfect condition. I will be sending your return package first thing next Monday, to ensure a safe trip. On a side note, When I was about 4 years old a birthmark on my arm developed into a melanoma, and my...
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    Genlisea wanted for trade

    Hello, I have Genlisea hispidula and Genlisea violacea "giant" that are both large enough to take pullings from.
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    Several Pinguicula for trade

    Hello I am growing several pinguicula species and am offering leaf cuttings/ rosettes of each of these for trade. I have not yet pulled leaf cuttings nor made rosettes for trades because I am limited on space and have had difficulty in the past with filling my tank with pinguicula that were not...
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    Coffee WORKS as a fertilizer.

    Has anyone tried tea yet?
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    Anyone growing N. Northiana?

    My N. northiana has been a very slow grower... It’s only produced about 5 leaves since I bought it over a year ago, but it has pitchers on each of them. Over winter it completely stopped growing (about November to March) but since then has picked up in pace a little. The leaves are at about 2...
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    Dream Hybrids?

    Lets see... N. campanulata x N. aristolochiodies (think of the size!) N. albomarginata 'green' x S. leucophylla 'green' (just think of the colors it would produce!)