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    Attack of the nOiDS!

    I have tried pencils , now I engrave a number on the pot and pant the number with a paint pen also I was not asking for plants was only thanking never for the giveaway even though I did not qualify for it

    Datura & Brugmansia growers?

    maxima if you need seeds or cuttings go to http://www.brugmansia.us/forums/ they have a seed and cutting exchange in Europe

    Datura & Brugmansia growers?

    I got a ton of cuttings and will do a trade or giveaway latter in the summer, some of the ones I got are rare pm me if you have any interest in getting some

    Attack of the nOiDS!

    most of my sarrs are noids now lost a bunch of labels and some faded so bad I cant read them this year in trying a paint pen ,I also started scraping a number on my pots and have a list on my computer to tell me what the numbers are don't have room for any more sarrs at this time but thanks...

    Wanted drosera adelae red form??

    I have drosera adelae but I don't know if it is the red form it looks red to me http://www.flickr.com/photos/mickeymk/6341778312/in/set-72157627750845358 I will take a better picture in the morning

    wanted red (tropical) butterfly weed

    I am looking for a few cuttings of red (tropical) butterfly weed had some in the fall but they did not make it thru the winter

    Male N. ventricosa seeking female

    seems like everyone has a male of that plant,minew just stop blooming and non of my other neps is blooming now

    Datura & Brugmansia growers?

    it is still alive but has not rooted yet, still hopeful, but I found a local breeder that gave me a bunch of cuttings and seed to grow , the cuttings I got 2 weeks ago where 6" tall and now they are 2'tall and I needed to transplant them into 1 gal pots

    Datura & Brugmansia growers?

    I got a few brug cuttings from a local grower and they rooted in 1 week and have doubled in size in a second week , just had to re pot them to a 1 gal pot , , next week they probably will need a 5 gal pot I will probably have some cutting to share in June , nice ones also
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    Di- ro filter

    I JUST ordered this filter...
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    Datura & Brugmansia growers?

    any one have any brugmansia cuttings they can shear, used to grow them but lost them one cold night when I was very sick and could not bring them inside love the red or yellow ones also the orange