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    Help with drosera.. pest?

    O Thanks for your reply. I just have a jar outside to collect when it rains. It normally rains quite often except for the last two weeks when I had to look for alternative (and looks like the mineral water was the wrong choice.. :/ ) How much water should the plant have? I tend to have the...
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    Help with drosera.. pest?

    Thank you, I have moved the plant by the window.. but doesn't seem to improve. Hopefully with all the learnings from this post it gets better :)
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    Help with drosera.. pest?

    Thank you for your thoughts! so why would the lower leaves be rottening otherwise if the insects are harmless do you think?
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    Help with drosera.. pest?

    Hi everyone and thanks for having this forum. It is my first time having a carnivorous plant, which I'm taking care for some friends which are travelling at the moment. For the last couple of montha the plan has started to go brown from the bottom leaves up. I water it from the bottom with...
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