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    Sarracenia photos- showing off

    Here is one of my largest leucos
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    Sarracenia photos- showing off

    Hi Brooks, The plant is doing well and is now 3 plants with pitchers about 32" tall. I will leave them undisturbed this winter and see what they do. I also crossed 'Leah' with 'Adrian Slack' and see the outcome will be! Nice set up you have there, Wes.
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    Sarracenia photos- showing off

    general photos of the collection Hi guys, Here are some pictures of the collection taken recently. Enjoy!
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    Rare cultivars

    I have just made the cross and now waiting for the seed.. Give it time!
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    HERE THEY COME!!!!!!!!!!!

    First pitchers opened here in my collection in the UK yesterday. Hopefully, this will be a better growing season than last year with the really continuous cold spring we had last year.
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    I am back!

    Hi Guys, After a long absence after raising 2 young boys, I am back. I hope to contribute again and catch up with everything going on! See you all around.