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  • You should've taken me with you!
    Woah, vogelii intermediates sounds great!
    I'm going to bring my N. Sp. 1 (Still deciding if I should repot it) and a few Drosera and Pings, and maybe my ceph. What color is yours, mine is mostly purple.
    And can you please bring your argentii so I can see why everyone loves it. Just Argentii, N. Flava, and Drosophyllum for now. BTW if you ever get the chance, go to Atlanta Botanical Gardens. They have a ton of nepenthes and a whole clump of Heliamphora.
    Hey Adam yeah ill bring it and I think I'm going to be seeing some Vogelii intermediates in the coming months yay!! I'm at AG discovery camp at NC state and besides learning about plant pathology I got a chance to poke around there orchid collection its very nice! It will be nice to finally see you (and your plants)!!
    You have a drosophyllum?! Please bring it to the next meeting OMG you're so lucky!
    Can you bring your hamata and maybe trunc king x queen tomorrow?
    I'll bring my veitchii 'Pink' and Sp. 1 (which is huge!)
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