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  • Hello
    Can i buy you one Pinguicula Esseriana ? I dont have this specie !
    Thanks :)
    I was wondering if you got a chance to look at the pics of my D. capensis I sent and your opinion on if they are indeed the wide leaf variety?
    Hello. I am in the Portland, OR, area. If you are still needing capensis broad leaf, I have some I would be willing to trade, also D. filiformis 'Florida Giant' if you need any of these.

    Love your avatar!
    Oh yeah, no pms please... my box is really full. ;)

    But feel free to post in these visitor message boxes. They don't seem to fill up.
    Hey there,

    Go to the sub-forum labled growlists. You can post your growlist there. Maybe we could trade sometime?


    - Jeff
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