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    Flowering Nep Help!

    little roger it is! and thank you for the reply, im going to chop it off i think... its had a hard year!
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    Flowering Nep Help!

    thank you for the reply! is it harmful? should i cut it off? i dont want him to die... and also, any ideas for a good name? like raul or steve? those are the two i was stuck between.
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    Flowering Nep Help!

    Hello, I ordered this plant last year.. it was a large plant..was told it was a miranda.. it didnt do so well in shipping... then in texas we had a historic freeze so i had to take it inside... didnt seem to like that either... but finally now it is producing pitchers..then i noticed this 2...
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    Hello From Texas

    thank you. it was a tunnel that was 12 feet deep, 7 feet wide and 7 feet tall. it was an ebay special. - - - Updated - - - yea it didnt feel good but im giving it another shot...ill prolly be getting stuff that can stay outside most, if not all year, full sun sitting in water so there will be...
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    Hello From Texas

    Hello, I would like to first start off by saying this forum is awesome! This will be my second go around at cp collecting. Second go around on here too. Unfortunately the hurricane that hit my area (Houston) a couple years ago tore my greenhouse up and most of my plants. I ended up gifting what...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Sundew Seeds

    Getting back into the hobby... if anyone happens to have any drosera seeds sitting around ill be willing to purchase them from you. thanks
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    White Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) Seeds (non cp)

    I still have tons of them I anyone wants some
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    Is it time to feed these little guys?

    Are the big enough to feed yet? If not, when? Also what do you recommend I feed them? Its a 4inch pot Thanks ps sry for the blurry pic.. couldn't steady the camera and get an up close shot
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    FREE $20 to buy CPS! Great time to BUY and LIST in the classifieds!

    Hey Matt, Thanks for writing in and bringing this to my attention! I have forwarded this issue to the rest of the team to investigate why it's not showing up for some members. In the meantime, go ahead and buy the item. We'll transfer you the applied credit via PayPal if you reach out to us...
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    What is this moss?

    any help would be great.. got it today and it had no label... they said they got them from around the property the green house is on and they didn't know what it was either(name wise).. they said it can go between rocks and stuff on a walkway.. it was $1.80. thanks for any info ppl. have a good day.