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    My vft is turning.....frilly. o_o

    it sounds like your plant is becomming very healthy. one of my favorite plants are dark green with very wide leaves. im not sure of the exact reason FOR the wide wavey leaves, but its nothing to worry about at all! only certain types of VFTs turn red in the traps, some stay all green. it all...
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    My first carnivorous plant!

    I keep all my plants in a small terrarium with a 2 blub flourescent light above them. I mainly do it for the look and to keep my cat away from eating them . They all couldnt be healthier, so there's no downside from using one!
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    Snails! mini centepide thingys!

    Hey, a common solution to getting rid of critters is to leave your VFT submerged in water over night, this will kill all the bugs and your VFT can more then handle an overnight in water. Good luck! *EDIT* ...Distilled Water!
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    Question about flours blubs

    Ahh, that is what i thought. looks like im going to invest in a UV bulb. Thanks.
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    Iguana question!

    Would a standard Black Light work for supplying an Iguana with UV rays? i have a heat light for him already, and the tank sits under my floursecent lights for my VFTs, so lighting isnt a prob, im just not sure if he will get enough UVA or UVB, im not sure. Im new at this whole game.
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    Question about flours blubs

    I recently bought an iguana (today, woo). I have his tank setup with a heat lamp, however the heatlamp doesnt give off UVB rays which they need. The tank sits under my growing lights for my vfts, what my question is, do the lights i use for my VFTs also give off UV rays at all? they are the pure...
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    New pics!

    I got the PM, i will be getting back to you ASAP
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    New pics!

    That would be a really colorful adale in there. Along with my spat
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    New pics!

    Okie...here's a few different angles.
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    New pics!

    Yah...here's a picture of my setup.
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    New pics!

    Thanks everyone
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    New pics!

    You mean the first picture of a VFT? To be honest, i have no idea. That was my first VFT ever and i got it at a novelty shop with no specific species on it. I really wish i knew. It has always had really big traps/leaves.
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    New pics!

    Here's some neat pic's i took last night. And a small video clip ;)  Pictures!
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    Feeding vft

    Today was a very warm day...and the wasp's were out and about. 3...yeah...3 got into my house today...Gave em a good whack with a book, and while they were still twiching, dropped em into a trap...2 into 1 VFT..and 1 in another. I was very pleased with how big my traps got this winter...so it...
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    My trip to Lowes/Home Depot

    Next time i hit the depot, i'd love to see if they have any neps. I didnt see any when i was there, but it would be cool to get another.