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    Any small night time drop nepenthes

    try looking up "lowland nepenthes"
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    So - what are you looking to buy in the auction?

    jewel orchids, orchids of any kind, cacti and succulents. also rare/unique mosses
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    Is it safe to ship during cold weather?

    depends. is it worth risking buying frozen lettuce? With most of the united states experiencing freak cold snaps and extreme weather, I would be extremely hesitant to order any kind of plant.
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    Sickly Truncata

    yes, the roots are fine. However it is more than likely doomed now that it has been uprooted.
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    This was unexpected ...

    looks almost exactly like my pulchella X eriksonea. mine reached maturity wicked fast, and once they start booming, its almost like a forever cycle for me. they pop a new one up after a week of the first one doing down. theyre very pretty.
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    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    Right now, there is nothing really notable. The tank is undergoing some sort of algea bloom, and the rosettes are beginning to get some sort of disease. the leaves are developing black spots and dropping off. Im going to need to clean the tank up and get everything presentable again before...
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    South window terrarium build, help me design it!

    I have always been a fan of Moss Scape themed terrariums. I would reccomend against nepenthes, because they require far more care than what can be adequately given in a small terrarium. Also, In my experience, they never did as well as I would have liked to see. What i would reccomend -...
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    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    Day 21 Main Rosette The roots have now turned into feathery aquatic masses, the seed is almost now completely obscured. Growth is not progressing nearly as fast as the first 2 weeks, however stems continue to grow. longer and longer, despite the large tank.
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    Are these spider mite webs?

    they usually sit in the webs. if you didnt see anything microscopic and moving inside the web, they probably arent mites. look under the leaves. do you see anything red-brown or black? mites if so.
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    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    Also Of interest while poking through the internet, I found these. These are Trapa Bicornis Rosaries, Dated from 1870. Note how the seeds have the same face/structure, however they are almost completely missing the horns. Could this be evolution of the species evident in...
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    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    Day 16 - New roots are spreading like crazy. every root grows 200 more. these small pins were not here 3 days ago. The stem leading to the rosette. The Bi-lateral spikes along this stem will also soon turn into mechanisms of mass root-ation. I swear they were smaller yesterday...
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    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    Update: The Bicornis nut has been moved and transplanted to a 40 gallon tank. After fighting a 3 day battle with Sand, Soil, and waterborne debris, the tank has finally cleared up enough to take pictures. Unfortunately, Pictures from this point on will probably not be as clear as the ones...
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    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    The other Seed was removed 2 days ago. I felt after this amount of time, it was a goner. Bubbles had been seen rising from the top hole a day ago after being submerged for nearly a week. In my eyes a good sign of decay or bacterial growth. I removed it and set it into a separate container. This...
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    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    Thanks Bluemax! I tried my best to keep as interesting as possible. Im honestly surprised myself at how many people have commented and taken interest. Night of Day 10 The Bicornis Nut is being moved to a separate holding tank while the aquarium substrate is prepared. Two main...
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    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    Day 9 I Wish I had taken photos earlier. The roots that are now draping over the woody seed coat that morning were no longer than .1 CM Day 10 - November 16 Now that this plant has stems, leaves, and a root system, Its time to add Substrate.