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    Give Away Seeds and a Plant!

    I have been a member since 2005
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    Give Away Seeds and a Plant!

    I’d like a pack of filiformis seeds if there are any available. Thank you for the offer of free seeds.
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    Looking For (To Buy) Looking to buy VFT’s

    In search of multiple vf’s to replace in my bog, that was destroyed by birds.Small plants are fine. Looking for 5-10 plants
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    Give Away Drosera Capillaris

    7. NJnewbie-thank you for sharing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A Decent Heat Mat?

    I have that exact heat mat I use for starting my bhut jokolia and peter pepper seeds. There is no heat control, but I have it in my house and like was mentioned earlier it raises the temp about 10-15 degrees( states up to 20 degrees in the brochure). Mine is in its third year and still going strong.
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    a tale of two peppers....

    Love the video, I had seen it awhile ago but it's always good to see it again. I've got my peppers in a heated greenhouse that I can grow in all year. I've grown peter peppers before but this is my first go at bhut.
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    Who or what is within 4hrs of NYC?

    The Pine Barrens are close maybe 2-3 hours away. Byre State Park and Wharton State Park have trails where you can see carnivorous plants in their natural habitat. Wharton is larger and has more trails, check out the Atsion Lake campsite area. elgecko (Steve) has some great pics on some of his...
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    a tale of two peppers....

    jolokia In the ebay link you provided for the second pepper it leads to the ebay page and it does state NAGA JOLOKIA BHUT DORSET CHILI. I've got bhut jolokia and some peter peppers on a heat mat now for 9 days and they're just starting to germinate. I'll compare my plant to yours when it...
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    7th Annual Pine Barrens Trip!! - July 22-24

    Steve hope you have a great trip. Can't believe this is trip #7. I made it to the first one with JBL, PAK, Ozzie a.k.a Tongs and of course yourself. I've been out of the loop here at the forums for awhile and I just decided to check in and I see the Pine Barrens trip. My niece is getting...
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    The three bears

    My dog was freaking out (he's a lil 20 lb mutt), so I go out on my deck and there's momma bear and 2 lil cubs. Unfortunately my camera wasn't handy so I didn't get any pics. I see bears all year long, but these were the first newborn cubs I've seen this year. The bears are common around here so...
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    Carnivorous potatoes ?

    Was researching the upcoming Ag Day at Rutgers university and I stumbled upon this article printed in a NJ newspaper in December 2009. The British blokes studied the meat eating activity of some common plants such as potatoes. Who would have thought !!! I was wondering if they would be selling...
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    hey from nj

    i'm from Jersey
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    Hydroculture Experiment

    Great Pics, I did a similar thing about 2 years ago.I put a bunch of young vft's and sarrs in 2 aerogardens. The sarrs grew super tall real fast".I had to transfer the sarrs to a larger homemade hydrogrower. I made the homemade hydrogrower in a 24 gallon tote bought a few 4" hydrogrow baskets...
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    Its official!

    Congrats to the new mom and dad. Wishing you health and happiness.