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  • Anything OVER 3-Minutes Takes-HOURS to UPLOAD The-One of My GLID-Site Took 8-Hours to UPLOAD &-One of DONNY "I"-Tried Before 'Failed' Right-Near The-END of R SEVEN-Hour Upload so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)<

    ANYWAY The Next-few-Months 'Should'-Be Quite-Int'resting CP-Wise ... as-Long-as ZIGGI 'Keeps'-to-The-SCRIPT &-Doesn't Go-ALL-'Nasty' ON-Me &-Make R-Dirty-Grubby Little Tell-ALL DVD as-He Said-He Might so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<

    "I"-'Hope'-You Can-HANDLE Neurodrosera-'Glanduligera' Taking-OVER The-'Top'-Spot from-Dionaea so-to-Speak ... It's-R-Bit-Like The-[1983] AMERICA's-Cup Fiasco ALL-Over-Again Methinkst so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< Ha-Har
    As-to-TAMLIN He's Mentioned-R-Few-Times ON-The Videos ... so 'Should' Get-R-Big-THRILL &-Kick-OUT of Hearing-Himself Mentioned Down-IN-Sunny-Australia so-to-Speak "I"-Shot Over-The-Lifespan of My-Filming: "Down-@-DONNY's" so-to-Speak. Sean-SAMIA Was Mentioned IN-Last-Night's Clip "I"-Digitized so-to-Speak. "I"m-'Thinking' of Just UPLOADING R-Short Piece Middle-of-The-Way-Through 'Just' To-INTRODUCE-Donny ... Since He-Had / Has R-Lifestyle 'Similar' to-TAMLIN's so-to-Speak.
    So-Far We've-'Had' NO-Bill from The Surgery ... So-"I"m 'Intending' to-Give One-of The 100-DVDs "I"ve Requested from-ZIGGI To-Them Since-They-R-Family-Friends (WILLIAM-&-TOM Went-to-PRIMARY-School Together so-to-Speak). "I"-Reckon "I"ll 'Just' Send-The-Bill for The 100-DVDs Straight to St-Peters-College ... For It-They 'Find' NERVES-or-MUSCLES In-The-Plant IN-The-'Near'-Future "I"-Reckon They'll-Get Another BLUE-Mark ON-The-Walls-of-Mem-Hall so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<
    THART's-OK ... "I"-Live-ON The-Major-Road 'Through' Aberfoyle-Park ... &-He-'Got' Caught-LAST-Year Around The-Switch-OVER of Daylight-Saving Which-"I"-'Happened'-to-Witness ... so "I"-Guess He-Was Getting-OLD ... &-It-Was 'Bound'-to-Happen Some-Time ... "I"m 'Just'-GLAD We-'Got'-The-Chance to-Say Goodbye to-Him ... Although WILLIAM My-Son Went-ot-Pieces IN-The-Vet's-Surgery.
    THANKS ... ONLY-'Just' 'Found'-Your-Birthday-MESSAGE (Sorry >(*~*)<). 'Got'-Myself INTO-My-Own DAWNSTAR-Mess so-to-Speak: Went-ON Prescribed-Medication For 5-ETERNITIES of Bullying by-Our TWO-School-Bullies [GW-&-AD] Over-IN-Western-Australia In-The-70s so-to-Speak &-Buggered-UP My-15-Year Relationship With The-HARTMEYERS In-'Just' 5-Weeks!!!??? >(*~*)< "I"m-'Starting'-to-See The-FUNNY-Side Like The packets Came-with Waring About ALCOHOL-&-DRIVING ... But-Said-NOTHING About Staying-AWAY Form teh-INTERNET For-The-'First' FOUR-Weeks so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< Ha-Har "I"-'should'-Have 'realised' THARt Shouting-Down to Phone for-TWo-Hours to-My-MOTHER @-The-End-of-The 'First'-Week On-HALF-Tablets Was R-Definite-Sign of Worst-Things to-Come so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< RECKOn They're Either Designed to Release The CORK so-They-Can Get The VINEGAR Out-of-The-Bottle or They're 'Softening'-Me-UP For Hypnotherapy!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< Ha-Har
    Hi Mate, thanks very much for the opertunity, my shiping address:

    Kathy Edelstein
    3787 Fox Run Dr
    Apt 510
    Blue Ash, OH 45236-1191

    Merry Christmas and happy new year

    So am I! Since we live so far away, I might not do it again for a while but it was certainly fun. P. giagantae is my favorite ping now! I think I'll concentrate on growing it as opposed to other mexi pings and try to get seed, eventually. It is a hardy plant that seems to grow well in San Diego, has carnivorous leaves all year, is large, has glands on both sides of the leaves, has purple flowers, and can tolerate full sun. I've always liked carnivorous succulents and this seems to be a good choice for where I live.

    Why I went on about that I don't really know, but thank you very much Warren! It is a pleasure to meet you!
    Thank you so much for the gemmae! They all looked great, and I sowed them and they'll do well, I'm sure :hail: The free seeds were mighty cool (and generous) as well! Thanks, and keep up the great growing :wave:
    Makes me happy to see you getting that seed out! Please keep me in mind for seed, especially of anything with collection data, e.g. the polk co. D. capillaris - is this the long arm form? Do you grow other D. capillaris from Florida? Post some photos!! Thanks,
    Hey NaN,

    The big lagoon seeds are sprouting! The aliciea seeds are sprouting! Finally, I sowed the rotundifolia seeds right!

    Thanks again!
    Thank you very much for the assortment of sundew seeds! Are the capillaris from polk co. Florida?
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