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  • Hey Frankie,

    You remember that small S. flava var. ornata I got off you you? The one that was in transit via USPS for what seemed forever? It's made a nice recovery and all is well.

    ...Just thought I'd let you know. =)


    Thanks for offering. I'd Love some seed for I. lutea, when I used to live in Colorado I couldn't buy/trade for this plant anywhere. I stumbled across this forum one day and joined, one day later results. I can pay for your shipping if you just send the plants in a small bubble envelope.....i think it would cost about a $1.00 usps. Do you want any seed in return? I only have seeds of the 2 species i listed. let me know?

    Rakkasan aka

    Donnie Barnett
    9599 W. Charleston blvd.
    Apt. #1013
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
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