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    Big Box of Nepenthes Giveaway!!!

    1. Randoja 2. SgtSarracenia - although random cuttings, will they be labeled? Either way, great giveaway! 3 paulkoop 4. RandyS - thanks, Chris! 5. huy716- thanks 6. Chris_Himself 7. unprofessiona - crazy giveaway! 8. rjhaway - thanks Chris! 9. JB_orchidguy- woooah thanks for the chance...
  2. Oregoncp

    Nepenthes seed giveaway.

    Well I failed at picking winners on sunday. So here it is. Random.org gave me 4 and 5. Natchgreyes and RandyS please pm me with your mailing info.
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    Nepenthes seed giveaway.

    It's been awhile since I have visited the forum (or any forum). I realized I won a give away by whimgrinder a couple months ago and never offered any give away in return as promised. I have several freshly harvested pods of N. 'Helen' x (maxima x ?). I will pick two winners to recieve...
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    My photo thread.

    What a amazing collection! I agree with Paul, the diversity of plants you grow is mind boggling and makes every one of them that more impressive. Hats off to you sir!
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    Orchis anthropomorpha

    Wonderful. Thanks Fred
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    Best ultrasonic humidifier for 20 gallon long?

    I would look at one that you can put outside your tank, and use a length of flexible hose to pipe into the tank, rather than wasting space inside with the unit. I know there are a few that have a perfect sized outlet opening to just put the hose right in. I think one was a walgreens branded unit.
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    Sarrs Divisions for Shipping

    Received them yesterday. Great divisions! Thank you so much.
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    Seed Giveaway: Drosera burmannii (Hann River, Kimberley, AU-WA)

    1. SubRosa- Nice offer, thank you very much! 2. Tje25- I'd love to try some of these, Thank you! 3. MiguelSR1- thank you very kindly 4. aerogrower..Thanks for the chance! 5. Ngantnier-thanks! 6. SFLguy thanks for the opportunity! 7. savagegarden - woo! awesome! 8. w03 - thanks for the great...
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    Sarrs Divisions for Shipping

    I would like lot #4. I also have one S. HCWxAS from fred and love it. Can't wait to see the variations from plant to plant. Thank you so much.
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    N. rajah x hurrelliana seed giveaway

    1. Oregoncp - I would love to take a whack at these :)
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    Custom cutting plastic egg crate for terrariums

    I really like using my dremel with a small cut off blade. I have used side cutters before, but always end up using the rotary tool to clean up the edges anyways.
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    Sarracenia jonesii for shipping – Oregon giveaway only

    1) D_muscipula 2) Oregoncp 3) I would love to add this to my collection! Can I also arrange to pick this up at a upcoming meeting?
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    Nepenthes tiveyi "Red", rooted cutting.

    1. Tje25...thank you very much for this great opportunity! 2. kulamauiman. thank you for being the starting point of a chain reaction 3. Oregoncp. Such a nice looking plant! Thanks Paul.
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    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Second saturday at 3pm. Yes Minors are allowed.