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  • Hey Ozzy - I'm trying to send you a PM about shipping a won auction in the NASC Benefit, but your inbox is full! If you like, you can message me your email address, and we can go from there?
    Hi..will you please close out my auctions, i have the delievery confirmation of arrival from last week
    Cool! Will Do. I think that the sand loosened/dried up and shipping and may have had a sandpaper like effect on the plants, I took the scapes and planted them in a pot of my normal utric mix. I should know in a couple weeks if they start producing leaves.
    CP I've never seen offered..Anywhere!!!! winner kayaker78 $15
    I did receive it a couple weeks ago, the sand was dried up and there were no evident leaves or stolons... there were some scapes that looked on the very dry side. I was waiting to see if the bottom of the scapes produced leaves before posting... sorry for posting this here but you closed the thread for this item and your inbox was full!
    Hey Ozzy.. Whats your AIM ID? Been wanting to get in touch with you for a couple weeks and the forum is giving me so much trouble.

    Yes, i am home now so anytime within the next 2 weeks is great- no rush at all. i guess this will be your pm overflow notification area :)
    Hey Ozzy,
    I won the gallon of sphagnum moss from you and ,when you have a chance, can you send me your address and amount needed to ship it.Man, great auction huh?
    Mark W.
    He changed his email address and couldn't confirm it.. so it locked up the acct so he set up another instead of using the contact us form.. it'll be deleted when it's resolved....

    PS- this is more of a PM than a profile public message topic :eek:)
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