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    For Trade Wondering about the gorilla in the roon

    Hi there, With the modern day black plague on the loose, I am curious how folks here and elsewhere are viewing trading thru the mail. My family has a modest house in another city, but it seems travel is being discouraged at best. Or more to the point, what you cannot do is easier found out...
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    For Trade N. sanguinea basals for utrics/maybe some drosera/sarracenia

    What sort of utrics do you seek? I have some aquatics and a few others. Email me at gnixon@satx.rr.com for details.
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    Terrarium heating ideas?

    What I heard is make a false floor out of plastic light fixture diffuser, and "set it off the bottom" with pieces of tubing or plastic napkin rings or whatever. Add 3 or four inches of water. Put in a totally submergible aquarium heater. Lay the heater down flat. Dial it to your desired...
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    Setting up a new terrarium - watering (and other) advice requested

    I would not necessarily abandon the waterfall/circulating thing, but I would advise against using a bucket under the terrarium. In your first iteration with the pump and lines in the tank, if something comes loose, it feeds back into the tank, no harm no foul. Or at worse you scotch a pump...
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    For Trade Nepenthes vogelii

    Hi, too many pm,s stored to send one, please email to gnixon@satx.rr. com. Thanks.
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    Ahhnold said that in a movie. What was mentioned about cp's being easy is growing them...plants. From seeds, no so much so. Some yes, some no. But why not ask for some starter plants, particularly if you have something worthy to trade with/for? Many folks here have massive collections...
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    Gustavo - Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre

    yer post Dunno your country's import regs, I looked for some and found some info on bringing in seeds/plants in person, but nothing on mailing, per se. Might want to check into that so no one gets in dutch for violating importation laws. Particularly you.
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    Can I Grow Neps In the DFW region?

    Whoa, I thought I read Sarrs! Same thing, sort of, the climate will ding you. If you grow outside. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and spring and fall are just about right. Finding a place indoors when it dips below 50F (assuming lowlanders) and with enough light to keep them happy...
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    Can I Grow Neps In the DFW region?

    Sarrs in Texas Sure, why not? Where you are, I think it tends to stay pretty humid year round, or at least in most of the summer, right? I am in San Antonio, and here in late summer, it gets hella hot, and dry, and correspondingly we get quite low humidity. I used to have many Sarrs, and now...
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    Ebay (Not Mine) Little Green Monsters

    Everybody, Willie Chung tonight, everybody Willie Chung tonight!
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    What are you listening to right now?

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    Give Away Devil's Claw Seeds

    Envelopes mailed several days ago, you should have them by now.
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    Give Away Devil's Claw Seeds

    Packets going out today or tomorrow. Thanks for participating!