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    N. albomarginata green with little/no care

    What did you do when you were "tending to" the plants (vs. neglecting them)? -pt
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    Looking For (trade) Pimpin' out a nepenthes

    I have a few male flowers of (globosa 'Klom' x globosa B11) x ([thorellii x raff] x raff); flowers are open already, but anthers haven't "popped" yet; should probably start in the next day or two. Want some? Would like to get some seeds if they form for you, but not absolutely necessary. If...
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    Giant and interesting species I might be able to grow

    @nepenthes05 (or anyone else following this thread): see The Nepenthes Guide | Highland & Lowland Tropical Pitcher Plants
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    If you had the chance to make any nepenthes cross?

    argentii x mikei argentii x glabrata
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    How to make Nepenthes flower

    A larger pot may allow/support/result in even more foliar growth. (I make sure to provide plenty of aeration in the soil [e.g., #3 perlite], esp. with larger pots. [I also only use net pots.])
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    How to make Nepenthes flower

    ...and then there's this: 2.5(+?) yrs old; 6-inch pot. Don't ask me. I got no clue!
  7. nep young flower 6-inch pot 2-and-a-half-plus yrs old from seed (FC).jpg

    nep young flower 6-inch pot 2-and-a-half-plus yrs old from seed (FC).jpg

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    Ordered myself a Nepenthes campanulata

    Cindy, Still growing those campanulatas? I should receive my first one next week sometime! Aloha, Philip T.
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    (PAID) (Chibae $32) Nepenthes maxima 'mini'

    Is this different than N. minima (Lake Poso)?
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    New Offer!!!

    Yay!!!!!! Makes sense!!!!
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    (PAID) (Acro $12) Opuntia humifusa pads

    $8 BTW, for small, (relatively) lightweight packages, sometimes the "first class parcel" rate is cheaper. :)
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    (PAID) (Gadz $20) Mystery item

    $13 Is it worth $13?