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  1. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Is this a real Nepenthes Jamban or an imposter?

    I know, it could be an artificial cross though.
  2. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Sphagnum moss

    Wait, so it is best to be waterlogged? I always thought that it would drown because the lack of oxygen will cause alcohol fermentation, therefore killing the plant. I guess I have to revisit the old Biology books again. :indecisiveness:
  3. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Sphagnum moss

    I've never had experience with that brand. From the sound of it, it sounds like it could grow. The only thing I know is that you'll have to try it yourself. Everything is different, conditions, temperatures, etc. What worked for one person might not work for another. Good luck and most...
  4. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Sphagnum moss

    Depending on where did you get it from. The zoomed ones are able to grow back. I've had couple strands growing out green leaves. However, you have to keep them under stable conditions and have a ton of patience for them to grow. They are really slow when they start to grow.
  5. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Is this a real Nepenthes Jamban or an imposter?

    I think it could be Jamban x talagenensis. The hunch back looks similar that.
  6. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Sphagnum moss

    It's just really high humidity and strong light. You have to understand that mosses doesn't have roots and that they take in water by their "leafs". So a high humidity and high light would be enough.
  7. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Nepenthes argentii

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying a nepenthes argentii that's a Native Exotics clone. However, the picture looked like an argentii x armin. Does anyone know if the native exotics clone is 100% argentii? Any feedback and comments are appreciated. If anyone have pictures of their plant, please...
  8. PitcherPlantJunkie

    ebay seller

    hey guys, I have some information about a eBay seller. Please click on the link below to see the full information please. Thank you https://facebook.com/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTEwMDAwMDM3MTg4NjE1NTpWSzoyMzA5NjQ1MzQ1OTM1NzAw Please be aware as to what I'm doing here. I'm not...
  9. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Sarracenia seeds stratification

    I've been stratifying for about 2 month.
  10. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Sarracenia seeds stratification

    Hey guys, so i've been doing sarracenia stratification on seeds and I just have a few questions. I've been stratifying them by putting them in bags of water and putting them in my refrigerator and I'm not sure if that's okay. Another thing is that when I take the seeds out from the refrigerator...
  11. PitcherPlantJunkie

    seeds TS

    Hey guys, I was wondering for cleaning seeds for tissue culture. Do I have to use Bleach? H2O2?Alcohol? if yes, how long should I do that. I'm doing nepenthes seeds. Also, can I use my household bleach to do this? Thank you
  12. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Tissue culture

    Thank you, I bought the salt and it said that a 4 g bad makes 1000 ml. Do you know if that's right or should I make it more concentrated for carnivorous plants. Thank you
  13. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Tissue culture

    Hey guys, I was wondering for the carnivorous plant tissue culture from seeds? How many grams of MS should I get for 1000 ml? I looked online and some people say 4g but I was wondering whether it have to be diluted? If yes, then how diluted?
  14. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Free MS for tissue culture?

    Hi, does anyone else have anything left over? I don't need much, maybe just enough for about 250 ml? Thank you
  15. PitcherPlantJunkie


    Hey guys, It's been some time since I am in this carnivorous plant business and I think it's time that the internet can no longer help me and that I have to go and get more knowledge from experience growers. I would like to visit Phil Faulisi and Jeremiah Harris. If anyone have visited them...