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  • Suzanne, sorry to hear about Ollie. I know you loved him and can relate to the pain of losing such a close and loyal friend. It's tough to fill that void but try to remember the fond memories.

    Hey Suzie! Whats up? Yeah the big 21 today, I'm getting older, but not so fast yet! haha! I've been so far out of contact here on terraforums, I feel bad, but I've been doing marvelous things! Like a new hobby! Vintage Snowmobiles, and it is a riot! I will never be out of CP's though...just so expensive for a grrenhouse and with some of my plants failing and falling prey to the theft at Tony's......so its time not only for him but me to restock the collection again. I'm downsizing though, to something more manageable, as my life become progessively busier!
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