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    What are Death Cubes?

    Mainly because VFT's sold in the cubes are destined to die for a few reasons, and not always because the main target demographic is kids. The main issue is that the instructions are usually, if not always, no where near what a VFT requires. Most brands that I have run across do not specify...
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    Give Away 2 Pinguicula lauena x emarginata plants + babies

    I have to head off to work in a short time so the numbers are in. Nice. Congratulations Monkey and samuelyoung! Since I have to leave soon, please shoot me a PM with your mailing address, holding preference, and/or request for priority shipping. If I do not receive your PM by later tonight I...
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    Give Away 2 Pinguicula lauena x emarginata plants + babies

    I have been taking part in some giveaways lately but it's been a while since I have given something away. So here is what I have to offer. Last year I bought a P. lauena x emarginata plant from the user madrone in the NASC auction. It has since divided, and I took leaf pullings from those...
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    Give Away For Active Members 2021 S. oreophila Gift/Giveaway

    Hello, I would like to take place in your giveaway. I do think I fit all the criteria required. I used to have a few oreophilas but they have since been given to friends. I would be honored to have another chance at this plant. All extra divisions will end up back here on Terraforums :) I...
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    Nepenthes super grab bag from Predatory Plants (Photos)

    The N. glanduifera x tenuis pitcher has popped. I'm surprised to see this adult looking pitcher on such a small plant.
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    Give Away Pygmy D. roseana gemmae

    1. jerrysmith 2. Nikki630 3. plantsnfish
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    Plant of the Month December 2020

    Regular flytrap in the snow.
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    Nepenthes super grab bag from Predatory Plants (Photos)

    I understand about current delays. Just thought it was weird it went out on a Saturday. I wanted to purchase their cold weather shipping kit but they removed it from the website. This package did make it in a timely manner once they did ship it. On a side note, here is some interesting news...
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    Nepenthes super grab bag from Predatory Plants (Photos)

    Arrived today. I am a little upset at their shipping, I ordered this on the 14th, as Michigan was having a stretch of weather with lows above 40. They didn’t ship until Saturday, where it sat over Sunday and arrived today when it was 20 overnight and most the morning. If they shipped it like...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Nepenthes seeds

    Looking to buy nep seeds. Haven't had a go at a fresh batch in a while and have the urge. I cannot seem to find any reputable listings online currently so I was wondering if anyone wanted to make a few bucks on some extras they may have. Variety doesn't matter, I'm just looking to start some...
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    PAID (plantsnfish $16) calycifida cv. 'Asenath Waite'

    Plant received yesterday in good condition.