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    Drosera Regia Issues

    Update on my D. Regia: I followed all of your advice, fellow CP lovers and split up my sad little guys... and look at them now! Thank you all so much for your excellent advice! They never went dormant even though they were living outside, most likely because this winter was a monkey’s wedding...
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    Drosera Regia Issues

    Thank you Not a Number. I believe you, and everyone here, and will give it a new start. And if it dies a horrible death, then I’ll have someone else to blame 😉. Will be sharing my results, too. Thank you to all of you, I really appreciate you and this forum!
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    Drosera Regia Issues

    Thank you Not a Number! I previously posted a response but it never showed up... I am afraid of putting the Regia into greater shock since it’s only been outside for like 5 weeks, and we’ve had some incredibly wackadoo weather. On the other hand, doing something dramatic could improve it’s...
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    Drosera Regia Issues

    Wow Fred, your D. Regias are incredible! You really know how to make a gal jealous... My plant seemed to go semi-dormant this year, if that’s possible. It lost dew and got smaller, but never formed a real hibernacula. Then when the lighting changed, it did it’s best to perk up and sprouted the...
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    Drosera Regia Issues

    I will definitely provide it with more light and do my best to acclimate it slowly. Your D. Regias look great. 👍 Thanks! - - - Updated - - - Thank you for pointing that out, Steve. I’ll lower the water level in addition to giving it more light.
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    Drosera Regia Issues

    Anyone think I should bury the stem in LFS? I’ve only seen Regia’s grow straight out of substrate, not take on such a baby-tree look. Then again, I’ve only had hands-on experience with this particular King. [emoji1] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Drosera Regia Issues

    My 2-3 year old Drosera Regia (purchased as a baby of about 2 Inches) was just moved outside since it’s warmed up and also because the plant does not seem to be thriving indoors. It is in a 6 inch pot of quality LFS, and the plant has been kept consistently moist with rain or distilled water. If...
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    Give Away Giveaway P. 'Sethos' leaf pullings!

    1. Jean4 2. ChefDean - much appreciated 3. devkatie 4. FLTropical 5. jaje61 - beautiful plants 6. Pooparella- thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Fed my VFTs bloodworms...

    That sounds like good advice, thanks so much! I appreciate any and all suggestions.
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    Fed my VFTs bloodworms...

    Thanks for the advice. I will definitely move all my VFTs outside once all the fires and debris in the air subside. My poor CPs outside are full of ash right now :-( (which is nothing compared to losing one's house and possessions, of course - I am SO grateful we've been lucky so far!). I have a...
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    Fed my VFTs bloodworms...

    Really? Because this is the second year I've had them in the same spot, and they came out of dormancy and grew up looking happy (first photo). I probably should've mentioned that the 2nd pic isn't good and was taken at night (Whoops). They sit in an east-facing window with a solid crew of other...