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    Desktop Terrarium?

    For most pinguicula you wont need the extra headache that a terrarium/plexiglass cube would bring you. A lot of drosera don't need a cube either. You could make a pinguicula rock, and try to put a few drosera on it too... thinking about it, I'm going to see if I could get some Drosera...
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    Desktop Terrarium?

    You could probably grow a Nepenthes ventrata without the tank if you have the right temperatures. You'll just need supplemental lighting, and to water it every once in a while. The only down side is they get big, but you could keep trimming it. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727A using Tapatalk
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    Little bit of everything

    Welcome to the group and hobby. I also got out of the saltwater/coral hobby, but only because it was getting too expensive for a college student. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727A using Tapatalk
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    Give Away VFT Seeds

    1 raistlarn- thank you Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727A using Tapatalk
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    Fogger vs Mister?

    Oh I thought you wanted the difference. The difference is in how they work. You can use a mister to raise humidity, but it won't be as effective as a fogger. On the other hand a mister is more effective at watering plants. I use both in my mini-greenhouse, but I use them for different roles.
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    Fogger vs Mister?

    I use a mister to water my plants, whereas I use a fogger to keep humidity up. The difference is in the size of the water droplets and how they are produced. A fogger usually uses either ultrasonic(cool mist) or heat to create very small particles of water. A mister usually uses a pump to...
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    Indoor Drip Irrigation Systems

    A reservoir to hold the water. If you want it to recycle the water you will need something to catch the water and return it to the reservoir. If you don't want to recycle the water you will need to continuously refill the reservoir. So keep it in an accessible place, or hook up a float switch...
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    Give Away Seeds, seeds, lots of seeds!

    1.) tmurphy44870 D. Venusta thank you! 2. Raistlarn- thank you
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    Give Away Free N.ovata x aristolochioides seeds

    1.heffely92-I would like some 2. Grey Moss - I'll throw my hat in. Thanks for the great generosity! 3. charlie - That's very generous! Thanks for the giveaway! 4. Raistlarn -. Thank you for the giveaway
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    A few shot of my collection

    I think your burmannii might be sessilifolia. Other than that nice collection.
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    Electrostatic warning on LEDs

    It says that on almost all electrical components. It just means make sure your grounded before handling the strips. Once it's in the hood I wouldn't worry too much about it... Unless you start messing with the LEDs again.
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    Burmannii flower care

    I'd shake it over the paper instead of cutting the pods off, because it's easier, and even the pod you cut doesn't ripen at once. I've shaken flowers and received 100s of seed. Then the next day I receive another 100+ of seed.
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    Pygmy sundew seeds

    I've noticed some produce gemmae (D. nitidula) on 12 hour days, even without seasonal ques. Though I think it might be because the days did not breach the 80°F threshold. After the temperature surpassed 80°F all gemmae production ceased.
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    Burmannii flower care

    Wait until the bottom flowers turn brown. Then shake them over a white sheet of paper to collect seed. Don't cut stalks if you want seed, because the flowers mature over time. I can't answer your light question, because mine are growing outside. Usually how people keep the plants alive after...
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    Pygmy sundew seeds

    You could simulate a changing of seasons to trick the pygmy Sundews to create gemmae, but honestly it is easier to just let the natural seasons do that.