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  • I am having an nj terraforums member meetup at 87 interstate shopping center, Ramsey NJ 07446 and I was wondering if you could come.
    Forgot to mention, I will have some Daina's Delight for trade either the end of this year or Beginning of next.
    Hey there
    see that you are lookingfor U quelchii
    I have some No Loc Data Won first prize at last years BACPS sale and show
    If you are interestedin trading for it, I iam very interested in the hybrida, with Loc data
    You mentioned Steve and I was wondering if you know him? He's the one who taught me now not to kill VFTs, and I really appreciate his expertise. He also encouraged me to try growing nepenthes as houseplants. I didn't actually need much convincing after I saw a N. rafflesiana and a N. hamata happily growing side-by-side in his kitchen. Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome.
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