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    U. Alpina help?

    Nope - epiphytic not aquatic (big difference) Mistake (imho) .... or rotting Typically, moist but not soaking wet is ideal. Many (most?) people are afraid of drying out or don't have the time to keep the media in these conditions so they keep the pot sitting in water. Depending on the other...
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    Urtricularia fulva care

    Since it grows in Northern Oz, I suspect that providing conditions similar to those appreciated by D. petiolaris species would work. Over here are some amazing habitat pics of U. fulva (as well as others).
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    U. Reniformis help?

    I'll take a shot since everyone else appears to be ignoring your query (although, the answers to your questions really weren't in the Orchidioides stickies at the top of this section??) U. reniformis - although officially listed in Orchidioides was in section Iperua before the sections were...
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    Getting Longifolia to Bloom

    Sure, there's a bunch of pics in my growlist (bottom section) for you to sort through. This one is probably my fave:** Besides being attractive (imho), I like this pic because it shows both a newly unfurling flower, four blooms of various ages & a growing seedpod of a previously-pollinated...
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    Getting Longifolia to Bloom

    I had no success flowering either U. longifolia or U. reniformis in my basement under lights (whether I changed photoperiod or not). However moving both species to an east-facing window here in the Northeast in autumn provided the conditions for both to flower in the spring. The last U...
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    First, my apologies to all whom are owed something from me (mostly email / PM responses but possibly more in some cases). Second, I hate internet drama & this message may come across as some permutation of that - so, once again, my apologies. My wife & I have been planning for many years to...
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    N. robcantleyi gender?

    We can wish for all sorts of things but if pollen isn't available, it really doesn't matter. I put a notice on Nep forum several days ago & no responses at all. :headwall:
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    Happy BDay Av8tor1

    ... & may you have (& enjoy) many more ... :beer: We're way overdue on the brewskis btw. :poke:
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    N. robcantleyi gender?

    The plant is in the middle of a tank with a vining SG N. hamata & many Orchidioides - no way to see the entire plant. Here's one of the pitchers: Obviously that's my preference. However, I may also consider pollen (assuming it is female) from other Neps w/ large, flaring peristomes (N...
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    N. robcantleyi gender?

    It's been a bit over a month, so here are two more pics (front & back - roughly).
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    Some really bad news

    It looks like someone just combined the threads - check out post #20 up above.
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    N. robcantleyi gender?

    Last night I went into the basement to water my plants & found a spike pressed up against the glass. Hopefully it isn't damaged as it was directly below very hot lights. I know it's early but I was curious if any of the Nep wizards here could ID the gender?
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    Utricularia reniformis

    Yes, this is the article (odd that it didn't show up in my CPUK search). Interesting that the author & Fernando visited the same places, inspected the exact same plants & come to polar opposite conclusions. I edited my post so the pics are above & below each other for everyone. From your...
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    Utricularia reniformis

    Yes - size can be very dependent on environmental factors. However, the leave shape can be a quite reliable indicator. Allowing for some variability, U. cornigera on the top & U. reniformis on the bottom. I have a few clones of each & this works for my plants. In trying to locate the...
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    Utricularia reniformis

    Fred, Cool pic - thanks for sharing. Is this the small form or U. reniformis or the renamed large form (U. cornigera)? None of my U. reniformis (large or small) are willing to flower in the basement under lights. However, sitting the small form on an east-facing windowsill has them flowering...