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    Drosera Graomogolensis PICKUP ONLY PORTLAND OR

    My ballast broke and I'm not interested in replacing it. So here's a large mother plant pot of Drosera Graomogolensis from Itacambira, Brazil. This pot is HUGE, and I'm not interested in shipping it bareroot in this summertime heat. I am located in Portland, OR. Contact me at...
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    LF Cephalotus

    I have an adult cephalotus viigorous with two flowers
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    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    I am 17 years old. I am getting rid of some of my cps. Can I sell them at the meeting?
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    Japanese Aldrovanda

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    Giveaway: Just because

    1. Tacks – Thanks a lot! I've got some seeds and some seedlings to give away 2. savagegarden - this looks awesome! like Tacks I have some seedlings to give away, once they dry out 3. MasterLow- Thanks! 4. Rob
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    U. chrysantha for postage

    1. Tanukimo 2. charlie - I have lots of extras 3. savagegarden - i've made some requests but only received some seeds. I'm a beginner and would love to have an utricularia! 4. Rob
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    Battered Drosera regia

    Is humidity a key component to starting Drosera root cuttings or just a high water level?
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    U. alpina - for postage

    1.afrodisa 2.Pearldiver Many thanks! Edit, I would like the optional D. prolifera. Uh, in addition, of course. 3. KNepenthe 4. patrickntd - Many thanks. I support the paying forward idea. I like the D. prolifera too. 5. Tacks – Cheers! 6. Subrosa - Thanks! 7. NatchGreyes...
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    Japanese Aldrovanda

    1: Rob 2:
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    Growing/Propagating Cephalotus non-traditional methods - Lets get a list together.

    Wow awesome idea. How far away from the lights are the cuttings? I think my problem is that I give mine too much T-5 light. Also, where did you get the styrofoam trays?
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    Double flower cephalotus

    Just noticed this on my cephalotus vigorous yesterday. Looking like I will get two flowers from this guy! Meanwhile... Big Boy refuses to flower
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    Drosera prolifera for trade

    I have a binata I can trade to you.
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    Rob's Grow List

    *Feel Free to PM me about Trades, Questions, anything really!* I've had my collection for about 7 years.... Enjoy! Cephalotus Species typical (Ebay) Cultivars Cephalotus 'Eden Black' x Self Cephalotus 'Vigorous Clumping' Darlingtonia Species Darlingtonia "Mountain variety"...