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  • did what you suggested curious can you bring up the grow list when you look at my file
    Yes, it is the line at the top that shows the page address.
    Position the cursor at the far left of the address, left click the mouse and drag it over the whole line to the right while holding down the left mouse button. When you get all the way to the right just keep going and it will scroll to the end. Let go the left button then right click then select copy.
    If you have trouble let me know what you named your growlist thread and I'll copy and send to you.
    i know this is going to sound odd but im still learning what is an ULR or ULR path think this is one of the things thats holding me back.
    and if the ulr is the line that identifies the page your on how do you highlight the whole line if it is longer than you are seeing ?? Again thank you for your help

    am getting my list together have to make sure i spell and get the crosses correct i have about thirty to 40 plants in all so its taking a couple days hope all is well all for now
    cool thanks Les I'll have to take some time to make the list but this seems very helpful have to log out for now and go change my shorts. i think i may have dodged a bullet and have to take a breather
    It still may bite me but at least no one else can see the posts now they have been deleted by me and
    adnedarn owner of terraforums.com
    Thanks for the trade. Everything was well protected and arrived really quickly, besides comming in awesome condition. Mine arrived faster though! :p

    I wouldn't hesitate to do it again!
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