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    Free sarracenia, sundew and VFT

    1. savagegarden - thanks! I'll do a giveaway soon, my gemmae are getting there! 2. SFLguy, much better chances of winning here 3. SgtSarracenia - thanks 4. nimbulan - thanks for the chance! 5. SSS - well guess it doesn't hurt to enter twice. Thanks 6. Altemar 7. DragonsEye -- generous offer 8...
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    N. "Sabre" x ventricosa seed giveaway

    1. Dionae thanks! 2. Dozer1028. Yeah buddyyyy 3. NatchGreyes - Great!! 4. Ngantnier thanks! 5. Aerogrower.. Thanks x2! 6. Tower- Thansk!!!!!! 7. Planturd - eggssalllent 8. SerMuncherIV - Great opportunity, thanks! 9. Eric-Thanks! 10. vbkid-thanks for these chances! 11. hcarlton 12. Fatbunny -...
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    Giveback giveaway .. unknown Anthocyanin free

    Very nice, Put me down for #1, thanks! 1) Pearldiver 2) Rocketcaver thanks for the chance!
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    APS with Zeolite ok?

    I have used zeolite in aquariums too, but just have seen little mention of it as part of a ping mix. I was surprised to see it in all the APS, but I guess it makes sense. It is good to know that it seems to have no ill effect when used in a ping mix. I did find a Turface distributor, about a 2...
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    APS with Zeolite ok?

    I have been meaning to try APS as a medium for my MexiPings for a long time. Oddly enough, the local Lowe's, Home Depot, etc don't carry it. A lot of the APS I am finding online has zeolite mixed in it. Is this an issue?
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    Givin Back

    1.dozer1028 thank you so much. 2.Eric-thanks! 3. ps3isawesome, thank you, a great collection 4. birdybrain - very generous giveaway, thanks for the chance! 5.Jeremy, thank you 6. Dawlito - thanks 7. Username: I am looking forward to the day I've got a large enough collection to do this. Thanks...
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    3 Years of N. Ventricosa - Big Pics

    Very nice photo sequence. Great idea.
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    Sundew giveaway.

    Plants arrived today in good condition, thanks!
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    Flowering Ping

    Very nice! Love a good ping shot, especially with flowers.
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    Are RO Units Worth The Money And Effort?

    I have looked at units at Lowe's in the $100 - $175 range, though that was a few years ago. Don't know how good they are, didn't buy one.
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    indoor drosera

    Photos are always nice. :poke:
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    TDS meters... do they drift?

    Now that I think about it I do remember the cal solution pack that came with it. I'm sure that was lost long ago. I suppose I could get another one if I start getting odd readings. So far so good though. Thanks for the replies.
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    TDS meters... do they drift?

    JimScott's question about RO units got me thinking about my water. Our tap water comes in at around 200ppm, so I use either collected rain water, or buy RO water at the local Kroger store. That usually measures around 4ppm if I catch the RO unit after a recent servicing. I use a cheapo TDS...