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    Pitcher of the Month February 2013

    Meh. ??? N. thorelii x truncata. Pitcher's a few days old.
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    Elegant pitchers...

    Thought I'd drop by and share a photo or two of some beautiful pitchers to y'all. Yes, we all want a toothy peristome nep. Yes, we'd like a candy striped peristome too. Or maybe, a wine shaped pitcher with astonishing colouration. But, I sometimes find simplicity to be the most beautiful trait...
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    Nepenthes edwardsiana

    Now there's a plant I dream to have in the future so I can go 'HEY, IT'S EDWARD-SIANA' to everyone who visits me. xD Beautiful specimen by the way, DonH!
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    Edward's Nepenthes

    I've never taken the temperature reading of my area, but the back of my house is a forest and hills. Not just a small patch of forest, but possibly a climax community of a lowland tropical forest. So I do have a constantly humid environment. I do believe that my night temperatures usually reach...
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    Mass's GH

    Oolala, that drosophyllum is droolicious! Greenhouse looking great too, Travis!
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    Edward's Nepenthes

    A panoramic view of my ever-climbing N. dyeriana. N. truncata A young N. veitchii x fusca pitcher. Lid of N. thorelii x truncata. N. truncata x veitchii a classic. A freshly opened N. veitchii 'Bario'. It'll colour up in the days to come. Here's an EP hybrid I don't often see in many...
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    Tuuagso's Nepenthes

    That's some very well grown plants you have there.
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    Tom's Nepenthes

    I think the redeeming feature of lowii x boschiana is the uppers which really reminds me of vogelii or a more 'funnel' shaped eymae upper:- http://sphotos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/598352_541248452567985_1147211753_n.jpg This is not my plant, belongs to a friend who grows it in Malaysia.
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    Pitcher of the Month November 2012

    Woah, that lady pauline has a whopping lip!
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    Edward's Nepenthes

    MT's hookeriana clone. N. thorelii x truncata. Raff. Dyeriana.
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    n. ventricose red

    Haha, what's that suppose to be, a grasshopper's leg? :)
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    Brie's CP photo thread

    Looking fantastic Brie! Much has grown. I think the only thing I'm not fond of droseras is how weedy some of the hardier ones can get. I made the mistake of sprinkling 'some' seeds of D. indica on my pot of sarracenias, VFTs and adelae, and now, they've overtaken everything save the tall sarras...
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    Edward's Nepenthes

    It's been a long time and I've been fairly inactive in many forums save for a few facebook groups. Exams took the priority and I'm halfway sitting for them right now. Having spent less time with my plants meant that they've begun to take over what precious little space I have and get messy...
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    Pitcher of the Month July 2012

    That lowii x truncata looks so handsome! :O
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    Pitcher of the Month July 2012

    This boy is becoming my favourite:- N. truncata x veitchii 'H/L striped'