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    Saddam Hussein executed today before dawn

    the lengths we go to for entertainment!
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    HONEY!!!!! I'm Home!!!!

    alllright!! Great way to start 2007! Welcome back Steve! Peter
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    Any relatively easy Mex. Pings?

    There is no such thing. "Pinguicula moranensis" is just a term used by botanists to describe any pinguicula that grows in Mexico and isn't another pinguicula
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    D. anglica

    Thanks for the comments. The D. anglica is in waterlogged peat/perlite, and since its right under the lights the temperature probably stays at 70 degrees, dipping down to 60 at night. I was actually surprised that the D. obovata went dormant, considering its been these conditions with 12 hours...
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    Trade chain. I'll start

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Still waiting for therockmoron to check in with an address to ship his plants.</div> ditto that!
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    D. anglica

    Hey all, I thought I'd post a few pics of my D. anglica CA x HI. It's been growing nonstop even after the D. obovata next to it went dormant. The plants are sitting in a few inches of water, almost touching the bulbs of the flourescent light fixture. D. obovata from Crater Lake, OR Peter
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    Christmas Roses (Pings of course!)

    Very nice. I like the P. 'Pirouette' especially... <span style='color:red'>[Edit: Your post has been edited to improve its value as an archive and to help others understand more precisely which plants you are writing about. You can read more about the details of writing plant names at Plant...
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    Droseras are the ones that come up in all my other pots. I'd give them coal but the frost just hit them.
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    Road Trip, where do I go to see CPs?

    Huntington Gardens in LA has an awesome new cp exhibit. I personally haven't been but that's where they moved all Leo Song's stuff from CSUF. I'm on your way out of Los Angeles, and would be happy to show off my humble collection, just let me know. We could also drop by the local botanic garden...
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    Wow, and I thought I was the only one. I was born in Germany, and in my family we also open presents on Christmas Eve. We get a fire going, candles all around, and lotsa sandwich fixings and cookies in the next room. Then in the morning you get to sleep in and play with all the new junk. Well...
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    Community Pots of fascinating plants

    Those are amazing. I like!
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    I have all the stuff...What next?

    All your plants should do fine in 25% humidity assuming they're used to 25% humidity. If not, you'll want to acclimate them slowly. One easy method is to keep them in a plastic bag with holes punched in the side, and then punching a few more holes every day. The most important factor, however...
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    U. alpina photos...............no flowers

    You learn something new every day. I never knew there were different froms of U. humboltii. I've got mine in waterlogged LFS and its making as many stolons as leaves. I'll get some pics once it gets a little more established. Peter
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    Pinguicula stereogram!

    I got inspired by xscd's cephalotus stereogram, so here's my P. 'Sethos', grown outside in a pvc/plastic sheeting mini greenhouse. I got best results looking at the picture from about three feet away. Enjoy! Peter
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    U. alpina photos...............no flowers

    cool pics! I like the tubers on the U. alpina. Are you sure that's the true U. humboltii? I've had mine for a couple months now, and it seems a little different. The leaves on mine are rounder and its making all these fern-like runner/stolon things by which it spreads. Is that a bromeliad in...