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    For Trade Drosera adelae 'giant'

    https://www.flickr.com/gp/133374586@N03/1C04B0 I would like to trade this for 1 or 2(or 100) Mexican pings suitable for a windowsill. I've had it for a couple months and it's been growing great in a large jar. I'm not really looking for specific species; just want comparably sized plant(s) for...
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    Give Away Drosera Capillaris

    1. FLTropical - thanks! 2. Raistlarn - thank you 3. Kjnorris918- thanks for the chance. 4. Shadowtski - Thanks for the opportunity! 5. jimscott - Thanks for the chance! 6. Plant Heathen- Thanks for this. Cool plant 7. NJnewbie-thank you for sharing 8. RyanG - Thanks!
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    Drosera capensis "Big Pink" plants

    1) CoolCapensis 2) Dexenthes 3) Raistlarn 4) Viking 5) birdybrain 6) mikefallen13 - Thanks! 7) 8)PsychoSarah - 8 is my lucky number 9) kdlaws - As a newbie, I really appreciate the help getting my collection started! Thanks!! 10) Incspir 11)Christ.ian3 12)tatorger- thanks for the chance and i...
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    *PAID*(RyanG $22)* Sarracenia flava var. ornata, Liberty Co., FL - small rooted

    Glad to have this plant back home in Okaloosa County!
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    Some CPs for trade

    I have a couple Sarracenia x wrigleyana I could trade.I purchased them a couple years ago from a great nursery in Baldwin County named Biophilia. They were saved from a construction site. I can't remember the exact location but I know all of her plants were saved from either Baldwin County AL...