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    Nepenthes Net Pots

    I have had a N. x ventrata in a 6" mesh pot (similar to the original post) for over 5 years. It sits on the bottom level of a 4 level light tower and has one shoot (of several) that is over 6' long winding though the shelf slats and lights. It does tend to dry out rather quickly so to deal...
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    S. alabamensis cold hardiness

    Irreplaceable is the key word in the original post. After loosing some choice potted plants last year when the temps dropped to 9F and were below 25F for nearly two weeks with lots of cold very dry wind much of the time I learned my lesson and protect anything I consider irreplaceable. Remember...
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    Sarracenia oreophila "Sand Mountain #2" x minor 'Okee Giant' (saturniid $12)

    opps, forgot to post here. Sorry.:oops: Plants received in great shape and are settling in nicely at their new home. Thanks Again for the great looking plants!
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    Sarracenia flava var. flava, var. maxima, var. ornata Seedling Giveaway!

    Land_pro pine green please chibae picks Burnt Sienna gr8oz Macaroni and Cheese QSRUDDY laser lemon please Punpkinface Beaver byuboy29 Fuzzy Wuzzy Lil-Stinkpot asparagus Eric_N Sunglow Thelarge blizzard blue firerock blue violet dancerguy teal blue saturniid Timberwolf
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    Sarracenia 'Gorey' (US Only) (saturniid $30)

    RECEIVED on May 29th in great condition. THANKS!
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    Sarracenia Hybrid Seedlings (saturniid $18)

    RECEIVED yesterday, May 24th in excellent condition! Thanks Fred! Looking forward to seeing them color up in the sun. Thanks for the extra surprises as well!